Full Moon in Taurus at 01°13' on 24 October 2018 at 16:45 Universal Time


This Full Moon…


This Full Moon has the potential of bringing an awakening into the consciousness of the depth of our connection and the depth of our need to be connected with the natural world around us.


This Full Moon brings endings and beginnings to the light… it asks that the proper care, attention and respect is given to that which needs to be ended and that the proper care, attention and respect is given to the way in which anything new is started. This could be the closure of one story and the beginning of a whole new book or it could be the ending of a chapter… a phase… and the moving on to the next chapter… the next phase… of your adventure. This could be internal …an attitude, a way of perceiving, a belief… it could be external… a situation, an event, a relationship.


This Full Moon brings more of who you are in to the light… between the endings and the beginnings there is just you. This Full Moon offers the opportunity to re-align what you value with who you truly are and with what you would like to see around you. There is the opportunity to further explore what is in your nature… what is in harmony with your nature… what is it that you would like to do. There is the opportunity to further bring more of your own depths out, to release the should’s and the ought’s… the ideas of others… so that you become more and more in harmony with yourself and with the world around you.


This Full Moon has the potential of bringing drama from within the context of relationships. There is the opportunity to reflect upon what is going on… where is it that something within you is being mirrored back to you through the annoying behaviour of others? Where is the behaviour of others truly their own stuff? Where can you stay true to yourself by not taking their stuff personally…by seeing it as a reflection of them and not of you? How can you continue to be yourself, to stay true to yourself and to stay centred, to remain empowered, in the midst of whatever others are doing? How can you manage not to reflect…not to be drawn into…their drama? If you feel it from within yourself or if you feel it coming at you from others, something needs resolving and the only person you can change is yourself.


This Full Moon has the potential of reminding us that, just as we can find it difficult to give full expression to ourselves, so too can others around us struggle. If others in your life are behaving badly, if they are seemingly being difficult, there’s the opportunity to stay steady, to pause… knowing that understanding can often be a softening light.  


This Full Moon brings the opportunity to deepen into the expression of your undivided… your individual… heart.


This Full Moon offers the opportunity to step into an exciting new future, into new ways of being, which are coloured with the ancient, possibly long forgotten, ways of the old. There’s the opportunity to reflect upon, honour, make friends with your ancestors… whether that’s known ancestors you consciously remember or an honouring of your lines from the distant past…or both. There’s the opportunity to dig up old wisdom and to apply it in new ways, to apply it to something new.



Here’s the Astrology


From the place from where I write, the light of the Sun comes from the place of the other…from far in the West where the Sun, together with this Moon’s ruler, Venus, both in Scorpio, are straddling the line of the horizon.


The Sun’s light pours from across the horizon, to shine upon the Moon…who is in the twelfth house, just 1 degree shy of the first house and who is standing alongside Uranus who is retrograde in Taurus. This is electrifying… a real finding and easy expression of the individual, of what is unique within yourself. This is a deep awakening… a breakthrough (Uranus) from the depths of our unconscious (Scorpio) that feeds into our needs and our instinctive behaviours (Moon.) It speaks of life and death (Scorpio) and of what we need to connect with (Sun / Moon opposition… first house / seventh house, vertex / antivertex) so as to survive and thrive (Taurus)… and of how we connect with that which we need to connect with.


There’s a lot of going within, of looking inside, to be sure… the Moon is in the 12th house, her ruler is retrograde (directed within,) she’s standing alongside a planet that is retrograde… both her ruler and her light come from the sign of Scorpio who likes to go deep…But what is within finds its way to being expressed without: The Moon is on the Ascendant, the Sun and Venus are on the Descendant, the Sun’s ruler, Pluto, is on the Midheaven and the Full Moon rules the IC…  These are the axes which form a cross which is the only route through which what is inside of ourselves moves into what is around us and vice versus. The emphasis is on exchange.


It brings relationships to the fore as a context for whatever is going on, re-emphasised in that not only is Venus is on the Descendant... an indication of significant others… marriage partners, people we go to for advice, open enemies and so forth but Venus is also the ruler of the Vertex, a secondary descendant. This hammers home that the ruler of the Full Moon is coming at us from the perspective of OR our perspective of the other.  


I tend not to use astrological terms like detriment and fall (where a planet is said to be weakened) because I find these terms unhelpful. Personally, I think it stems from objective classifications against a preconceived idea of what good or easy looks like. With the permission of Scorpio given there are 4 planets in Scorpio in this chart, I’m Scorpio style suspecting and what I suspect is that the objective classification is usually what the majority do or ideas which maintain the status quo… It’s more useful, in my opinion, to engage in a deep delving into the subjective experience of what, uniquely, a planet can express within each sign. But within the context of this chart’s moment, I’m drawn to the fact that the Moon is strengthened in Taurus while her ruler, Venus, is traditionally said to be weakened in Scorpio. The difficulties…the drama of Scorpio… that we may face, is likely to come from the way in which we perceive others at this time. And while it may seem this way, it’s important to remember that the light of the Sun correlates with the light of the heart. If you don’t like what it is that you see, what is it that you can change in yourself or what can you change in how you relate and respond to whatever it is that you see? Create a new light.


At the end of the day the symbols are supporting this too: Venus may be in her detriment in Scorpio but she’s reminding us that she’s still strong as she’s in her comfort zone as the natural ruler of the seventh house… What looks to be difficult is still the source of or the avenue to your gift.


With the Sun being in Scorpio of death and rebirth opposite a Moon that sits alongside Uranus…something new is breaking through into consciousness… there’s the opportunity to let go of  and to regain  something that brings in wholeness, something undivided (individual) … there’s the opportunity to take a step closer to Christ consciousness…to save yourself and, by implication, by being that much more whole, to reflect that much more wholeness in your world around you.


This gives both the opportunity to find compassion for the other who may not be at their best at this time and also the opportunity to deepen into your own power… by noticing and addressing what is triggered in yourself, by not taking what others are doing personally, by seeking to understand where others, your fellow travellers on this journey of humanity, are currently at.


Mercury is already in conjunction with Jupiter, both in Scorpio. Now this is really exciting. They’re going to work together for quite some time as Mercury will step into the shadow of his retrograde on 28 October (more to follow in a separate post, I’m sure.) But essentially and traditionally, Mercury and Jupiter rule the four signs that bring in the winds of change… that soften us from one way of being, allowing us to move from one way and into another. It starts in Scorpio where Jupiter and Mercury both are at the time of the Full Moon.


The Sun and Venus are also in Scorpio, opposing that Moon who is with Uranus…the flash of lightening, the crack that opens things up so that something can break through and into our consciousness, taking us forward into the future… the Sun and Venus are sextiling, in easy relationship with, Saturn who rules the past…what has and what will stand the test of time. Saturn is still in easy aspect with Uranus, the sign that rules the future. So dig to the Scorpio deeps… find the bones, honour the ancestors… find wisdoms of old and apply it to the new… apply it in new ways.


Pluto, the ruler of the Sun, the ruler of four planets who are in Scorpio at the time of this Full Moon, is on the most readily visible part of the chart: the Midheaven. Transformation, change…death and rebirth. There’s adventure to be had, it’s readily visible and it could affect you right to the very foundations (the IC, ruled by the Moon) of your being.


The theme of a cross that is really manifesting something is echoed in that the Sun, together with Venus, and the Moon, together with Uranus, are forming a very tight cross with the Nodes of the Moon…which speak to that which we need to release, as well as the experience we’ve gained and that which we need to strive towards. The North Node of the Moon is still in Leo, it’s still about finding and bringing more of the purity of the heart out and into the open.


The Moon is very happy in Taurus where she is concerned with nature and with what nourishes her physically. With all the Scorpio death and rebirth going on, she’s saying that ultimately she’s here to survive… which is a pretty cool thing she’s saying, given the North Node…the direction in which we’re meant to be headed…is about to enter her sign. What she is saying now has to do with values and her ruler Venus, being retrograde, affords the opportunity to really rethink these and to ensure that the values you’re living by are not outdated or imposed upon you…that they’re aligned with who you are and that you’re aligned with what you would like to see around you. She’s conjunct Uranus of the future and trine Saturn of the past, of what has stood and will stand the test of time… she’s saying she’s looking for values that will last, that will enable her to thrive. Uranus of the Awakener is saying, it’s all about you…what is unique about you…what is individual about you… let go of the judgements and the expectations of others and focus on modifying and expressing what is within yourself… in harmony with others and in harmony with nature.


The Shamanic Journey


When I journeyed to ask what to write about this Full Moon, I was naked but for wellies and a hat, contentedly picking flowers. The imagery focused on my naked bottom and my Ally said to me, so kindly, “You’ve got the sweetest bum.”


The imagery in the journey will be a response to the journey’s intention and its meaning will continue to unfold over time. To me and at this time, the naked bottom speaks of ‘mooning’ and the picking of flowers is an entirely Moon in Taurus pass time. It suggests that there’s something sweet about being naked in your true self, instinctively engaging in activities which are in harmony with your nature… being content doing that which you like to do.


Wellies and a hat only made sense once I looked at the chart for the Full Moon’s moment and saw that the Moon is on the cusp of the twelfth and the first houses. Pisces is the natural 12th house of endings while Aries is the natural 1st house of beginnings. Pisces rules the feet while Aries rules the head. That these were the only parts of the body that were clothed gave rise to the idea of being really careful and protective of endings and beginnings (whether that’s within you or in relation to things around you,) of doing them properly and, in doing so, then being free to just contentedly and sweetly be the self.


As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only. When I say you/ us / we etc. I mean me… and you as well but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.


P.S. this Full Moon is very much within the context of the Venus retrograde which is still going on. If you would like to read thoughts on the Venus Retrograde, you can do so here.




Yvette Marks