New Moon in Libra at 09°46’ on 9 October 2018 at 03:46 Universal Time

In this New Moon, the King and the Queen, Silver and Gold, the Sun and the Moon, unite in Libra, the sign of relating. It’s a New Moon ruled by Venus, newly retrograde…newly turned inward, in Scorpio. And Scorpio’s ancient ruler, Mars, is newly out of the shadow of his retrograde… still closely conjunct Black Moon Lilith… while Scorpio’s modern ruler, Pluto, is newly direct (1.)


And Jupiter, the King of the Gods, also in Scorpio, is also newly out of the shadow of his retrograde.


All this Scorpio energy… death and rebirth… sorting through the dark stuff…finding our way through our fears…stepping towards our power and our empowerment… All this working through retrogrades…backwards, forwards, inside out…things are changing. The divine masculine is stepping forward.


We’ve seen it, larger than life, on the world stage around us…from Hollywood to Politics to Businesses to wherever… ever since October last year when Jupiter, larger than life, went to meet with Hades in the Underworlds of Scorpio… so that they could rewrite their ancient script of ‘take what we want’ which has echoed around the ‘as above and the so below’ ever since Jupiter first took Hera.


And now, as Jupiter makes his way back to his domain in the Heavens, the ‘as above and the so below’ can continue along a new story line.


With the Sun and the Moon coming together in a sign that has to do with relating and under an umbrella of so much Scorpio…I’m reminded of the bee… of these magical little creatures who lend their name to the priestesses of the Moon (2) and who are said to have been created from tears of the Sun (3)… who exist in the most balanced relationship with flowers, a relationship which brings only good to both bee and flower…a relationship which brings only good to everyone around them…who, like Scorpio, know of death and of rebirth as they accompany our souls into life and help them back out again after.


I’m reminded of the story how, once upon a time, the honeybee wanted to protect the sweetness of her honey from those who, and without her consent, would take too much. Jupiter, the King of the Gods, agreed to help her by giving her a sting but… if she ever used it… if she ever lost her sting… she’d die.


Whether male, whether female, whether something else… we’ve all got male and female within us and, arguably, what is male in the honeybee is her sting… her defence, her protection. And so it is with us… if we lose what’s masculine, in the best possible sense of the word, whether within us or around us… we’ll die.


With this New Moon in Libra there’s the opportunity to set the intentions of finding yourself, with grace and with ease, balancing your relationships.


With the New Moon’s ruler being retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, there’s an opportunity to go really reflect, to see, to reweave…so that everyone within these relationships and everyone around these relationships benefits.


With Venus being newly retrograde…we know that there still lies a whole process ahead. There’s the reminder to start…to stay with and to go with your intentions while giving decisions, choices and results their own time to unfold.


You could start by identifying some of your key relationships and setting an intention for each of these… it doesn’t just have to be people either, it could be your garden, your plants, your clothes, your food and so forth. It could involve balancing what you give … it could involve balancing what you take … It could involve balancing the words you use, finding peace within differing points of view, balancing the contribution of others with the value of self, balancing the needs of others with the needs of the self and so forth.


Male, female, however you identify, there’s the opportunity to set the intention, with grace and with ease, to balance all these sides within you and to balance yourself with all these sides around you.


With Libra and Scorpio, there’s the opportunity to set the intention, with grace and with ease, to balance fears with reality… to separate what you’re worried about from what is really going on.


Libra enjoys a fine aesthetic….beauty, balance, harmony. There’s the opportunity of setting intentions, with grace and with ease, of balancing your environment… whether that’s your home, your place of work and so forth. …declutter… beautify…make peaceful…


With the New Moon in Libra, you can set intentions, with grace and with ease, around balancing sugar intake… around engaging in behaviours and finding what you need to bring balance to your health, most especially to your ovaries, your kidneys and your lower back.


It’s always a good time and now is a particularly good time to send some heartfelt gratitude, appreciation and good thoughts to the bees.


(1)    Well, just over a week ago which for him, given he takes around 248 years to complete his orbit around the Zodiac, is pretty much nothing…

(2)    The bees also lend their names to the priests of the Essenes

(3)    The Sun God, Ra.

P.S. as ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols, from my perspective, and written for information only. When I say you / we / us etc I mean me…and you as well…but only if you want to and only if it feels right to you. With any references to health, I’m not seeking to replace the advice of a doctor etc….






















Yvette Marks