My name is Yvette Marks and I offer the services described on this website ( via my company, Yvette Consultancy Ltd.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or about how I use your information, you can contact me via any of the contact me forms on this website or you can email me at  

How I use your data:

If you visit this website

If you visit this website, both Squarespace (the platform on which this website is built) and Google Analytics (which provides me with performance data) use cookies. Cookies are small files which are sent to your browser when you visit this website.

Cookies perform a variety of functions…for example, they help to improve the way in which the website is delivered to you. One example of this is that, when you first visit this site, a pop up block is launched which asks if you would like to subscribe to my mailing list. If you visit the site within a certain time frame, the site remembers that you have seen this pop up and doesn’t show it to you again. This is one example of how a cookie works.

Cookies also help me to understand how my site is being used (performance data.) For example, I can see how many people visit my site, which pages are visited, how long people spend on a page and so forth. None of this information allows me to identify you personally.

You can change the settings on your browser so that you don’t use cookies. If you choose to do this, the site may not work at its optimum level for you. Links are provided on how to do this at the bottom of this page– please note, that this privacy policy obviously does not apply to third party sites, you would need to check out their own privacy policies.

If you continue to use this website without opting out from cookies, you are consenting to their use.

If you subscribe to my mailing list

People subscribe to my mailing list to receive articles that I write and occasional emails about services that I offer or other items that I think may be of interest to those who have subscribed. You can subscribe by either emailing me to tell me you would like me to add you to my mailing list, by subscribing on the website or by indicating on your consent form (if you and I meet for an appointment) that you would like me to add you to my mailing list.

The details (name and email address) of people who would like to receive these emails are added to a group distribution list which is stored in my gmail account.

Additionally, if you have subscribed via the website, your details come through on an HTTPS connection which is encrypted. Squarespace, collects and passes these details to Google Drive where they are stored on a spreadsheet file in secure cloud storage which I access via a password. 

You can unsubscribe at any time that you like and I remind you of this and how to do so on each email that I send to the group distribution list. You merely need to send me an email or reply to one of the emails that I have sent to you telling me that you no longer wish to receive these emails. If you do so, I delete your email address from my distribution list but keep records so that I can have an audit trail of how you were originally added to the distribution list to begin with, i.e. whether that was via a consent form, a direct email or via subscribing via the website. 

If you come and see me for an appointment

If you come to see me for an appointment, I ask that you complete and sign a consent form.  This is a shared record (you are also given a copy) of the statements, precautions, items that I have covered with you before we proceed into the actual session and is my record that you have given informed consent for the session to take place.

These are usually provided and signed in hard copy form. They include your personally identifiable information and are kept securely locked in a filing cabinet. Very seldom, signed copies are emailed to me and these are stored in my gmail account.

If you see me for healing or astrology, sometimes and only with your explicit and prior consent, I create an audio recording of all or part of the session. This is so that you can have a copy of what we have discussed and these are sent to you via wetransfer, an internet based file sharing system. This is explained to clients as part of the explicit and prior consent for the audio recording to take place. 

If you see me for astrology, your data is input into my astrology software programme so that I can calculate your birth chart. How these details are used are also discussed with you as part of the informed consent process.

Sometimes information about you may enter my records without me having asked for it – for example, when you make payment for a session you have with me, you may put your name down on my bank statement as a payment reference. If and whenever this happens, I endeavour to secure your confidentiality to the same standards as I would have if I had asked you for the details directly. For example, my accountants may see my bank statements so as to prepare my VAT statements and I have agreements in place with them that they are to treat your information at the same level of confidentiality as I do.

If you give me a testimonial

If you have seen me for an appointment or received one of the services I offer from me, you may give me a testimonial. Sometimes I ask clients if they would like to do so and many times clients offer.

It is entirely voluntary to do so and, if clients would like to give me a testimonial, they can choose how they would like to have their name displayed – Full Name (i.e. Name and Surname,) first name only or anon (anonymous.)

I ask that clients share their testimonials and preferred way of being identified with me via email so that I have an audit trail of their permission around what I display about them on my website.

Testimonials along with the preferred way of displaying the name may also appear on other marketing materials such as promotional emails, web pages or paper pamphlets.

If you contact me

If you contact me, either by email or by phone, it is assumed that you are giving me your contact details so that I can communicate with you directly, in response to your contact with me (such as returning your phone call or replying to your email.)

Data Security

While I try to ensure that your data is secure, the security of any data transmitted over the internet cannot be guaranteed and any transmission of data is at your own risk.

Third Party Websites

Third party websites are subject to their own privacy policies. If you access another website via any link on this website, you need to check their privacy policy.

Disclosure of your information

I do not share or sell any of the information you give me to third parties.

If I were ever required to disclose your information to satisfy a legal obligation or to safeguard or protect my clients then I may do so. Examples of this may include if I reasonably believed you were threatening harm to yourself or to someone else.

Access to Information

You have the right to ask me what data I hold on you. You can email this request to me and I will supply it to you within one month of having received the request. Any access request may be subject to an administrative fee.


Please remember, if you follow a link to another website, third party websites are subject to their own privacy policies:

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If you have Questions or Complaints

I hope that this policy is clear – if you have any questions you can always contact me. If you have any complaints, please do contact me in the first instance and hopefully we can work together in good faith to resolve it. If we are unable to do so, you can take your complaint further to the Information Commissioner’s Officer. This can be done at

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This policy may be updated from time to time and, where I think you may need to be informed, I will email you to let you know of these changes before they apply.