Yvette’s gifts are extraordinary! She has given me tarot and astrology readings for over 10 years and is uncannily accurate. Through shamanic counselling and healing, she has changed my life. This is no exaggeration. I have let go of past baggage, learned to love myself and my spiritual path is clearer. If you are not sure about consulting Yvette, just do it! You need this woman in your life.
— Kim Wheeler

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive healing from Yvette on several occasions. She is a kind, generous and extremely skilled shamanic healer, warm and down-to-earth, and really listens. She has helped me towards real positive change in my life, it’s always a delight to see her. She’s a brilliant and insightful astrologer as well.
— Barbara Kennedy

Very interesting and helpful to look at things from a different perspective and to think about why things may be happening as they do and to understand how my characteristics may help or hinder responses to them.
— Sian Barry

Yvette’s reading was very accurate and I was amazed at how well she described me, she also gave me pointers as to where I should be going with my career, things I have felt I should have been doing but have not listened to my inner voice, I am now about to embark on a course that I wish I had done years ago. Thanks Yvette, I have also told my daughter she should have a reading with you.
— Tegwin O'Connor

A chart reading with Yvette was insightful and inspiring. She gave me words of comfort and encouragement regarding my past and current struggles and some guidance as to what to focus on moving forward. I feel inspired now to learn about all that astrology has to offer and how it can inform and guide all our lives!
— Hannah-Phoebe Bowen

A very insightful - very telling reading.
Yvette could see exactly what had been going on for me in the last few years by looking at my chart.
I’m excited for what will begin to unfold later this year, I have the information now to know when to go for certain aspects in relation to what is highlighted in my chart.
— Tallulah Harlech

Yvette’s readings are a pure mix of science, intuition and guidance. Every time I’ve had a reading with Yvette, quite a lot of it hasn’t been terribly clear to me - however as the year starts to take hold, everything she explains started to make a lot of sense. Every time - our sessions have been eye opening, thought provoking and very accurate! I’d recommend to anyone looking for guidance, questions answered or even for an interesting insight into the year ahead.
— Chelsea Parsons

I really enjoyed this event [By the Magic of the Moon] and got a great deal out of the experience. I feel I am moving forward with great positivity and peace of mind due to Yvette’s great knowledge of astrology. I look forward to other events Yvette will host in the future and I will also encourage my friends and family to attend as well.
— Rachel Horne

I asked Yvette a question about my work prospects for the future and got a full and satisfactory answer. The detail was fantastic and Yvette made it all so easy and simple to understand. I also had the opportunity of receiving some shamanic healing, which was carried out in a peaceful and caring manner, with extremely positive results. I am in no doubt that her work is genuine, that she has a positive link to spirit, which is reflected in her gift as an astrologer and shamanic healer.
— Thomas Marty

Yvette gave me a very informative reading and explained why I have certain traits that I do! Very interesting and a great thing to do at the start of a new year.
I came away with more of an understanding and what the stars above say about this year. Highly recommend!
— Angela Brickhill

Yvette’s warm and generous personality made me feel relaxed straight away. Incredibly accurate, it’s evident she is skilled in her craft. Astrology can seem rather complicated but Yvette’s interpretations of what was happening in the heavens for me were crystal clear. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
— Suzanne Jones

Yvette’s passion and in-depth knowledge about astrology really come through in her work. She imparts her wisdom in a way that you not only learn more about yourself, but also about the science of astrology too. Her shamanic background makes for a potent mix and brings an added dimension of insight; she has a remarkable way of connecting the dots, giving you greater understanding and context of what’s going on for you.
— Aisha Amarfio